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the rational formula estimates the peak rate of runoff at a specific location in a watershed as a function of the drainage area, runoff coefficient, and mean rainfall...【Get Price】

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the volume of thermoplastic s is highly dependent on the change of temperature. this behaviour ... linear thermal expansion coefficient of decking boards made ... material: material is a wpc-decking board in form of a hollow profile.【Get Price】

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a runoff coefficient is a number that relates the rainfall rate and runoff rate. using the runoff coefficient, scientists and hydrologists can calculate how much water...【Get Price】

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may 9, 2012 ... 4.2.2 linking bridge deck runoff to receiving streams . ...... organic constituents frequently have high sorption coefficients, and can.【Get Price】

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may 9, 2016 ... 1. application of runoff coefficient and. 1 rainfall-intensity-ratio to analyze the relationship between. 2 storm patterns and flood responses. 3.【Get Price】

17-1 deck drainage design

c. = coefficient of runoff = 1.0 for bridge decks; i. = average rainfall intensity, in inches per hour, for a given frequency and for the duration equal to the time of...【Get Price】

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6.8 design considerations of rainfall and. 33 .... 13.9 decking of existing nullahs. 80 ...... (iii) constant proportional losses (runoff coefficient).【Get Price】

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jan 22, 2007 ... temperature driven expansion–contraction of composite deck boards: linear ... linear coefficient of thermal expansion–contraction for...【Get Price】

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may 21, 1993 ... 8.2 establishment of governing design element--rainfall intensity ... the bridge deck and pavement runoff coefficient is usually assumed to be...【Get Price】

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c = runoff coefficient (see 21.3.4) i = average rainfall intensity (mm/hr) during the design storm of duration (d) for the appropriate design annual exceedance.【Get Price】