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results 1 - 10 of 454 ... rarity, #:: c, 62; card type: creature human cleric; p / t: 1 / 1; description: whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard from play,you may...【Get Price】

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disciple of the vault infinite life loss. ... by running no other artifacts in your deck, you can ensure you hit the only viable target platinum emperion which...【Get Price】

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apr 6, 2019 ... as said, the deck has evolved continuously and survived the respective bannings of skullclamp, aether vial and disciple of the vault as well as...【Get Price】

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sep 1, 2004 ... known to be one of the most hated decks in standard and mirrodin block ... the best way to describe disciple of the vault's effect is to let...【Get Price】

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last printing: mrd, creature - human cleric, 1/1. whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard from play, you may have target opponent lose 1 life..【Get Price】

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0.08 tix. akiri, line-slinger // silas renn, seeker adept. 6.84% of 263 decks 18 decks. $0.25 · $0.09 · 0.01 tix. rona, disciple of gix. 6.02% of 83 decks 5 decks.【Get Price】

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dec 31, 2012 ... although there are other aggro decks that can win, the current modern environment really favors the .... disciple of the vault isn't enough reach.【Get Price】

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nov 11, 2011 ... the deck made famous by youtube that ends the game on turn zero. ... first retrieve four disciple of the vault cards, then continue with four...【Get Price】

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feb 7, 2017 ... originally the affinity deck used disciple of the vault as a win condition. a seemingly unthreatening 1/1 at common rarity which caused your...【Get Price】

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the deck is filled with artifacts that sacrifice themselves for some cool effect, cards ... perhaps the strongest card in the deck is disciple of the vault, a simple 1/1...【Get Price】

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sep 2, 2013 ... key cards: flash gemstone caverns protein hulk disciple of the vaults elvish spirit guide/simian spirit guide.【Get Price】

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apr 10, 2012 ... these decks would be built from my own card stock, and i would share them with you, ten ... or open the vaults ..... and disciple of the vault.【Get Price】

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dec 11, 2018 ... disciple of the vault cuts down the number of artifacts required to combo off with atog while helping to pay us off for cycling through our library...【Get Price】

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i'm building a black/artifact deck and want to know if it is legal to use vault of ... at all, now; they, arcbound ravager, and disciple of the vault got【Get Price】

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magic the gathering, magic cards, singles, decks, card lists, deck ideas, wizard of the ... customers who purchased mirrodin: disciple of the vault also bought.【Get Price】

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marauder and shifting wall dies instantly because they are 0/0, triggering disciple of the vault for a total of 4*8 = 32 damage. win. this deck...【Get Price】

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this deck started as an attempt to revive the old four horseman deck, trying to find a way around the slow play ruling that was adjusted to kill...【Get Price】

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jul 30, 2004 ... ... a fearsome shadow over both formats is the dynamic duo of arcbound ravager and disciple of the vault and their so-called "affinity deck."...【Get Price】

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he stands in the shadow of his lord, geth, drinking in the dark energies of the vault. 1/1. illustrated by matt ... world champ decks 2004. mirrodin · $0.30 · 0.20...【Get Price】

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disciple of the vault: 0.08$ 0.01 ticks (01 jul). get the latest decks and the updated prices from multiple sources in our site.【Get Price】

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while the deck types listed below are specific to magic: the gathering, these .... for instance, ravager affinity decks that include disciple of the vault can win by...【Get Price】

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[disciple of the vault]] wouldn't the deck be better if the flayer husks were instead these? it's my understanding that some decks already do...【Get Price】

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aug 15, 2018 ... the deck always needs at least 16 artifact lands (with some lists going higher) and playsets of springleaf drum, ... 4 disciple of the vault 4 atog【Get Price】

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mar 11, 2010 ... the cards that bring all the power to the deck (disciple of the vault, arcbound ravager, skullclamp, seat of the synod, valut of whispers) don't...【Get Price】

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disciple of the vault card price from mirrodin (mrd) for magic: the gathering (mtg) and magic online (mtgo).【Get Price】