how tall can a garden fence be

boundary fences & fences and boundaries - boundary problems

fence height: how high a fence can i put on my boundary? .... my neighbour's fence makes my garden very dark beacuse his fence is high and his garden is on...【Get Price】

advice on planning permission for trellis fence toppers | jacksons ...

nov 5, 2018 ... common reasons for wanting to install trellis in your garden may be that you want to add that extra bit of height to your fence or wall, you want...【Get Price】

maximum height allowed for a garden fence with trellis ...

mar 9, 2018 ... check in with them and, depending on what their garden wall policy is, you will have options. the maximum height of a garden fence with trellis...【Get Price】

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fences, walls and gates do not require building regulation approval. ... garden walls .... removal of large trees can also lead to problems because the soil...【Get Price】

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jul 3, 2014 ... the general rule of thumb is that in a properties back garden, fence panels can be a maximum of 2m high. fence panels that we sell range from...【Get Price】

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what is a boundary fence? who is responsible for repairing and maintaining a boundary fence? where can i find more information about fences? how high can i...【Get Price】

do i need permission to erect a wall, gate or fence - braintree district ...

in other locations they can be up 2 metres high. if you are proposing to erect a fence, wall or gate, which exceeds these limits, then you should seek ... agricultural field then this would be a change of use from agricultural field to private garden.【Get Price】

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aug 19, 2014 ... the primarily purposes of a fence include to keep animals in, people out, and perhaps even so others can't see into your yard. but if this is the...【Get Price】

the most effective deer fence to keep deer out of the garden

mar 28, 2016 ... the ideal height of a deer fence, and how a short deer fence can be highly effective if you can't have a tall one. the best height might surprise...【Get Price】

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aug 21, 2016 ... but low hedges and fences mean you can see and hear your neighbours. and your ideal fence height may not be your neighbour's ideal fence...【Get Price】

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the legal height of a fence is 6'6 or 2 meters. however, you can build or create your fence up to any height even more than 2 meters but you will have to get...【Get Price】

21. fences and hoardings | building performance

any building work relating to fences (which includes garden walls) and hoardings up to 2.5 metres high is covered by this exemption and will not need a building...【Get Price】

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i need to replace an old hedge with a new front garden fence between ... can anyone definitely say if a 4 foot (1.2m) fence is likely to be ok?【Get Price】

planning permission | fences, gates and garden walls | planning ...

if it would be over 1 metre high and next to a highway used by vehicles (or the ... you will not need to apply for planning permission to take down a fence, wall or...【Get Price】

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boundary fencing will demarcate a piece of property such as your garden. ... the structure will be over two metres high; the structure is over one metre and is...【Get Price】

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this can be a tricky area. most local authority say if it's adjoining fence then it's both your responsibility . as for minimum height i don't think there is one, but most...【Get Price】

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mar 20, 2019 ... if you already have a gate, fence or wall that's taller than the permitted development height and you want to replace it, you can do this as long...【Get Price】

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the wall or fence is not more than 2 metres in height anywhere on your property ... if you live in a house which is a listed building, it is likely that you will need...【Get Price】

confused about planning regulations for height of garden wall

dec 4, 2014 ... does this refer to the internal or external height of a boundary, or to ... or in the case of a wall or fence within or bounding any garden or other...【Get Price】

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you will require planning permission for any new fence, gate or wall over 2m in height. this will normally include the addition of trellis panels on top of an...【Get Price】

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the height of your fence will be largely dependent on the purpose for the fence. if your ... with keeping deer out of your yard or garden, opt for a 7 foot tall fence.【Get Price】

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normally, maximum height is 2m. post, arris rails and feather edge is a good fence. builders, fencers, hard landscapers can do fencing.【Get Price】